* Tony Beach

* Roland Britten

* David Cleveland

* Freddie Croft

* Peter Darwin

* Jonah Dereham

* Jonathan Derry

* William Derry

* Andrew Douglas

* Randall Drew

* Tim Ekaterin

* Christmas "Kit" Fielding

* Rob Finn

* Derek Franklin

* Henry Grey

* Neil Griffon

* Sid Halley

* Gene Hawkins

* Kelly Hughes

* Benedict Juliard

* Tor Kelsey

* John Kendall

* Alexander Kinloch

* Edward Lincoln

* Gerard Logan

* Thomas Lyon

* Lee Morris

* Philip Nore

* Ian Pembroke

* Daniel Roke

* Steven Scott

* Matt Shore

* Perry Stuart

* Charles Todd

* James Tyrone

* Alan York





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Main Characters Secondary Characters
Alessia Cenci
The Danger. Jockey.
Malcom Pembroke
Hot Money.
Tony Beach
Proof. Wine merchant. Widower. Witnesses a sheik get runover. Hates plaster of Paris. Teams up with Gerard McGregor.
Roland Britten
Risk. Accountant. Amateur jockey. Loves Jossie Finch. Gets kidnapped and locked in a boat.

David Cleveland
Slay Ride. Director of Security for Jockey Club. Likes friends wife. Goes to Norway. Deals with men marked with butterflies.
Freddie Croft
Driving Force. Horse transporter. Loves Nina Young. Has illegitimate daughter. Associates with mechanics who speak rhyming cant.

Peter Darwin
Comeback. Foreign Office secretary. Likes frizzy Annabel. Rescues old couples. Likes to bonk. Enters into his childhood world as a stranger.
Jonah Dereham
Knockdown. Bloodstock agent. Loves . Has alcoholic brother. .

Jonathan Derry
Twice Shy. Physics teacher. Amateur Olympic sharpshooter. Married to Sarah. Ties the Gilberts into knots. Deals with computer programs that calculate racing odds.
William Derry
Twice Shy. Bloodstock agent. Brother to Jonathan. Loves Cissie. Deals with Gilberts 14 years later. Gets shot in chest. Inadvertantly causes Angelo to crash car.

Andrew Douglas
The Danger. Kidnapping expert. Loves jockey Alessia Cenci. Foils Giuseppe-Peter's plans. Acts the part of a Spanish chauffeur.
Randall Drew
Trial Run. Ex-jockey and gentleman farmer. Loves aristocratic Emma. Goes to Moscow. Near-sighted.

Tim Ekaterin
Banker Bank manager. Loves wife of boss. Deals with horse healers and hallucinating bosses.
Kit Fielding
Break In, Bolt Professional jockey for a princess. Loves her niece. Has a twin.

Rob Finn
Nerve. Jockey. Loses nerve. Loves cousin. Watches another jockey blow his brains out on racecourse. Deals with sportscaster.
Derek Franklin
Straight. Jockey. Has dead brother. Loves dead brother's mistress. Gets mixed up with gems. Awed at brother's saints prayer.

Henry Grey
Flying Finish. Groom, pilot, secretary and amateur jockey. Loves Italian Gabriella who smuggled birth control pills. Is the son of an Earl.
Neil Griffon
Bonecrack. Business consultant and trainer. Loves plump Gillie. Gets arm twisted and broken. Deals with syphilitic jockey's father.

Sid Halley
Odds Against, Whip Hand and Come to Grief. Investigator. Ex-jockey. Divorced. Only has one arm.
Gene Hawkins
Blood Sport. Civil Service agent. Loves young Linnet. Sleeps with Luger under pillow.

Kelly Hughes
Enquiry. Jockey. Warned off. Widower. Loves daughter of trainer. Mixes up Roberta and Rosalind. Too much carbon monoxide. Faints in front of train.
Benedict Juliard
10lb. Penalty. Jockey. Son of a politician.

Torquil "Tor" Kelsey
The Edge. Jockey Club agent. Loves Nell of the Clipboard. Deals with putrid Julius Apollo Filmer on a Transcontinental Mystery Train (with racehorses on board). Can fade into background and independently rich.
John Kendall
Longshot. Writer. Survival Guide expert. Gets shot with flightless arrow. Write biography of a trainer. Gets involved in two murders involving young women and affairs.

Alexander Kinloch
To the Hilt. Painter. Crazy and Scottish. Nephew to an Earl. Hides things well, such as swords and Racing Cups. Gets roasted on a grill. Loves estranged wife (trainer).
Edward Lincoln
Smokescreen. Movie Star. Married with kids (one of whom suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury). Famous. Goes to South Africa. Gets handcuffed in a car in the middle of the sweltering veldt.

Gerard Logan
Thomas Lyon
Wild Horses. Director. Makes movie about old murder. Asphyxiation during death.

Lee Morris
Decider. Architect and builder. Married unhappily with 6 kids. Son of an ex-wife of a Stratton. Has shares in racecourse which is being rebuilt. Friends with Dart Stratton, who's losing hair. Gets trapped in blown-up building. Villain tries to set fire to one of his kids.
Philip Nore
Reflex. Jockey and amateur photographer. Finds photos of dead photographer. Has a "heroine" for a mother. Tries to find sister. Was raised by many different people, including a gay couple.

Ian Pembroke
Hot Money. Trainer. Bodyguard to rich dad who's been married 5 times. Has many siblings.
Daniel Roke
For Kicks. Trainer. Australian. Pretends to be crooked cockney groom in England. Gets beat up a lot. One sister tries to seduce him, the other apologizes and almost gets killed. Rides motorcycle with broken arm. Cleans up nice.

Steven Scott
High Stakes. Toy maker. Owns horses. Trainer ripped him off. Loves American Allie. Grinds bad guy in toy chain.
Matt Shore
Rat Race. Pilot. Ex-BOAC. Ex takes a lot in alimony. Loves twin. Other twin has leukemia. Twin learns to fly but gets lost without working instruments. Talks her down in fog.

Perry Stuart
Second Wind. Meteorologist. Likes a nurse. Has death-defying friend. Chases hurricanes.
Charles Todd
In the Frame. Painter. Goes to Australia. Deals with stolen Munnings'. Has wild artist friend with disapproving wife.

James "Ty" Tyrone
Forfeit. Journalist. Has polio-stricken wife in iron lung. Has affair with Gail. Drives wife drunk to doctors. Deals with villains from South Africa.
Alan York
Dead Cert. Jockey. Loves Kate. Best friend dies in racing accident. Wire across track. Marconicars and Brighton. Fantastic chase across the heath.

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