This list is organized alphabetically by character's last name.

Have fun trying to guess where the quotes come from! The initials after are of the speaker, linked to the novels.

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"It was necessary to be sternly unemotional." RB
"Dear Ro, Sorry, Love Mum." RB
"Brilliant deduction. Most constructive. Ha bloody ha." RB
"Well? What do you say?" ML
" 'Er ', I said, which was hardly helpful." RB

"I thought chiefly that it wasn't a good time to discuss ultimate responsibility in the abstract." FC

"Impulse will kill you one of these days." RC

"One cannot improve on an immaculate conception." D

"There was a godawful screwup in Bologna." AD

"But what he stole, I strove to restore. Where he wantonly laid waste, I tried to rebuild. He crumbled his victims, I worked to make them whole. His satisfaction lay in taking them, mine in seeing them free. [He was] The obverse of me ..." AD

"She shut her door. I swore violently, aloud. It wasn't much relief. I looked up at the sky. The stars went on whizzing round in their courses, uncaring and cold." RF
"Poor things, I thought rather too complacently, they were not stable enough to deal with whatever had undermimed them: and I remembered that easy pity, later on."RF
"I brought you here because of every other jockey you have hit where it hurts. In various ways you saw to it that they lost their jobs; so now you are going to lose yours." RF
"Such individuals could be understood. Understood and treated and forgiven. Forgiveness, I thought, that was something else again. It would take a long time to forgive." RF

"It's usually quite easy to see what's wrong. But there's often a stone-wall resistance on both sides to putting it right. Always dozens of reasons why change is impossible." NG
"Any appearance he might have given of being even slightly tamed was suddenly as reliable as sunlight on quicksand." NG

"Ordeal by newsprint, I thought; the latter-day torture." SH

"Not that I was too old for her, but that she was too young for me. Too young in experience, understanding, and wickedness." GH

"I want to tell you, take a butcher's at them nuns. I found a dead one in the pit last August, and it was crawling and Poland had the same five on a horse last summer and it died." J

"I'd never realized how easy it was to mislead." TK
"My father says that one's not better because one's richer, but richer because one's better." TK
"I work for you, for the Service, rather than in banking or farming and so on because I like it, and I'm not all that bad at what I do, really, and it's useful, and I'm not terribly good at twiddling my thumbs. I don't know that I would die for you. Is that what you want?" TK

"Psychology ... is the death of courage." P

"Nothing just now. Nothing for quite a while." LP
"My God, I never thought I'd feel like that. I never thought I'd care. I only did it for a jaunt." MP
"One of these days ... you may win on the nod." MP

"The trouble with warm rooms ... life blasts you when you leave." HMP

"I've worked with one or two people like you before ... With your kind ... dying comes easy. It's living takes the guts." WP

"It's time someone told you to your face what a slimy putrid blob of spit you are and gave back some of the hatred you sow." DQ

"'He gave me everything,'" Alessandro had said of his father. I would have said of mine that he gave me not very much. And I felt for him something Alessandro had never through love or hate felt for his. I felt... apathy." AR & NG

"Better undersexed then sorry." ET

"Anything for an unquiet life." JT

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