* William Finch

* Pietro Goldoni

* Maurice Kemp-Lore

* Lance Kinship

* Serena Pembroke

* Keith Stratton

* Unified Traders




The Villains List

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William Finch
  • Jossie's father and the man behind the kidnapping of Roland Britten.

    Pietro Goldoni
  • The black sheep of a respected Italian horse racing family, Pietro went to Milan University but never sat for his final examination due to his expulsion for forging checks. At 34, he embarked on a career in kidnapping. Among his victims were Alessia Cenci, Dominic Nerrity and Morgan Freemantle among others. He is a careful and not unkind kidnapper. He is fond of Verdi and an intellectual match to Andrew Douglas. He was killed by Kent Wagner during the rescue of Morgan Freemantle.

    Maurice Kemp-Lore
  • Maurice Kemp-Lore is the villain and his motivation is a bit bizarre. Born into a racing family, Kemp-Lore has asthma which prevents him from racing or even riding horses. Possibly the asthma is psychosomatic, due to a fear of horses. Kemp-Lore is still part of the racing scene as a charismatic sports commentator with his own television show. But the feeling buried below that he is afraid of horses, afraid of racing drives him to systematically destroy the careers of successful jockeys. One jockey committs suicide, another is brought to the brink of madness by the rumors and innuendos insinuated on Kemp-Lore's television show. When Rob manages to prevent him from drugging one of his mounts, Kemp-Lore ups the ante by kidnapping Rob and abandoning him bound and gagged so that he will not only miss his next race, one of the biggest of the year, but could wind up crippled or dead.

    Lance Kinship
  • A drug dealer

    Serena Pembroke
  • Since she was a child she longed to be her daddy's little girl. Her parents' divorce with Serena being in a fantasy world, unknown to her parents, siblings or step siblings.Serena killed Moira so that she could fulfill her fantasy. After Moira's death she offered to come live with Malcolm, but when he turned her down flat her love for him turned to hate and she started trying to kill him. She was killed trying to destroy evidence Ian told her was in Malcolm's house. After reading her journals, Ian and Malcolm realized she had also killed Malcolm's 3rd wife, Coochie and one of her twins sons years before.

    Keith Stratton
  • A psychotic, petulent murderer, Keith Stratton is guilty of incest and rape in addition to the attempted murder of his ex-wife's son.

    Unified Traders
  • Unified Traders were a bunch of creeps that basically traded in components for nuclear weapons. They included: Michael and Amy Ford, Glenda and George Loricroft, Caspar Harvey, Oliver Quigley and Robin Darcy. The latter, however, turned out to be a government agent sent to ferret out the bad guys intent. In other words, Robin's actually a good guy.

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